Kill the Noise

Stephen Littleton
4 min readDec 28, 2021

Kill the noise. I’ve done it. It feels good when it’s over. There are tons of noises out there. Things that will distract us from our daily lives. There were many distractions in my life as well recently. For instance, social media. What happens, exactly, when you visit social media? You are bombarded with ads more than anything. There is always a sponsored link that is targeted to evoke some kind of response. Increasing in frequency, are the amount of new companies that are selling something that is completely different from what they are advertising. These ads are disguised as promotions, when the only thing they are promoting is some weird advertiser’s personal bias. Sure, there are regular advertisers, just moseying along trying to sell a product. But to the viewer, these are seen as camouflage, carefully hiding the fact that what you are seeing is trying to influence your thought process.

Then there are the status updates. Oh the status updates. Who even knows what they mean? You watch people flailing about trying to promote their lives, while under the guise of sharing. Sure, some people share information and it’s fun and interesting. Most of it is never met with a good reception, and the ‘like’ war is just pathetic at best. People pay for likes, pay for friends, and pay for attention that they really don’t want in the first place. It’s a new phenomena that people are so willing to share their information. In real life, the same person is so tight lipped about what they do or think, you would imagine they are working as an undercover agent. Sharing information online by day, while trying to separate themselves from it by night. Just take a common example, criminals. They share their crimes on social media. Almost to the point of being unable to help themselves. Sometimes, they are so out of it, they will ask the question of, “Who Snitched?”. It’s a little odd.

I found the best time I’ve personally had was just simply adding companies and famous people to my feeds. You can keep up with things you like, product launches, and in the case of celebrities you can find out what movies or shows they are coming out with next. When I see Suzy Q.’s opinion of a product or place that doesn’t match my own opinion, it’s considered bad etiquette to join the conversation. Instead we all just like Suzy’s post and move on. If we disagree in any way, shape, or form, its considered to be trolling. Then, months later when Suzy finally figures it out, and dislikes the product or whatever, she wonders why no one told her. Very odd indeed.

Then there is the ‘counter’ culture. You know… Those guys you used to hang out with way back when. The die-hard rebels who will never conform! They post their music (usually double or triple posting) trying to share what little bit of someone else’s identity they are trying to be a part of. Their rebellious facade slowly eroding to the point of unmasking. Hey, they just wanna be like everyone else too. Not so odd, but, whatever.

While we are doing all this, the news stories are discussing human trafficking, murder, and other such things. We all wonder what these so called ‘friends’ of ours are really up to. Why is so-and-so liking your status all of the sudden? Is it a joke or what is really going on here? Never have people been so connected, yet so disconnected from reality. Proving that the noise is really just that…. NOISE.

This is why I’ve decided to kill the noise. Life is better now, my personal relationships have improved. My mind is not on my next status update, but what am I going to do for myself. I no longer am a slave to social media. A bit dramatic, yes, I will be the first to admit, but hey, you are the one reading this right? So it has to be entertaining as well.

Let’s also not forget that these companies are huge. They are not run by the one or two guys they use as a face for their organizations. They are controlled by the people who work there day to day, the advertisers that run the ads, and the people who use the service and post their information to generate what is really the only content available on social media. Without them, the site would just be a box forever asking you what you would like to share.

Which brings me to my final thought. Today, it is social media that is the noise. In the future it will be something else. In the years of past, it was the salesman who came town to town, selling the snake oils. Social media can be a great tool. You can connect with people who you would have never connected with otherwise, you are able to meet up with old friends, you can even join a group and find support or share the same interests as others. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for this. I just don’t think it should be the prize at the end of the race for putting up with all the noise. I think it should be a right. There should be a social media for at least each country that is completely free from ads, and free from noise. I just don’t think we are there yet. For now, I’m going to post my thoughts and opinions on my own website instead of forcing some poor sap who just wants to hang out to see em. I mean, unless you are psychotic, you are here because you want to be right?



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