Nightlife and the Deep, Dark Web

Stephen Littleton
5 min readDec 28, 2021

Nightlife. The Deep Dark. For some of us, this is something that stirs a primeval feeling of dread, fear, and maybe some discomfort. For others, it might stir up feelings of anticipation. The unknowing darkness stretches deep into the human psyche and for good reason. It’s the exact opposite of what we are used to. Out of these feelings can grow situations. It’s the same thing for the internet and technology in general. The deep dark web is such a place. Neither good nor bad itself, it’s a place where things are virtually hidden unless you have a metaphorical flashlight. It’s a place where both oppression and freedom reside in the same neighborhood. Or, it may just be a place devoid of either. Just like any other section of the internet, it houses both positive and negative results. The only difference? The anonymity the dark web claims to offer by default. I’ve frequented a couple sites out of curiosity just to see whats going on around there. For the most part, it seemed like a bunch of people hanging out in a place they felt like they had a little privacy, away from the prying eyes of regular users, the tech guys had their own club pretty much. It was new, edgy, and people were talking openly, expressing themselves. My mind would race thinking about all the different types of people that might be on there, what they might be up to, and why they might be there, posting on the few forums I read. It was entrancing. I would often pretend I was some kind of secret spy, logging into “the network”. Slithering around un-noticed in the darkest reaches of the net. It made for some interesting reading material. Most people just sat around sharing their experiences with life, their thoughts about what’s going on, and just expressing themselves. I never came across anything like murder or human trafficking or anything of that nature that I was aware of, same thing on the regular internet. It felt like the internet used to feel before all this regulation and monitoring and what not that’s been going on. The creative types were running amok and I loved it. There was tons of artwork as well. Lots of expression. That holds true for some of the night life I’ve experienced offline. It seems that some people seem to light up at night and come alive. The electric feel of the night sky, the stars, the unknowing.

For others, the darkness can be a terrifying thing. Especially after you’ve had a terrible experience, you will definitely want to know as much as you can to be aware. The lack of awareness is what the darkness represents. So it’s no wonder that it can cause such feelings of dread or worry. The same holds true about the dark web. For some of us, the picture we paint of the dark web is that of criminals hiding out, flipping coins in the dark alley. Don’t get too close cause then you will get chased! This just simply isn’t the case. It’s neither good nor bad. There has been a big stir about credit card numbers and social security numbers being leaked on the dark web. The truth is that it happens everywhere. While true there are places that are set up solely to facilitate such things, there are also a lot of them on social media and chat sites that will randomly message you with offers. Not to mention the spam emails. Just like with the famous Bitcoin being accused of facilitating nefarious transactions, cash, checks, and wire transfers have also been used to facilitate nefarious transactions. We should start looking at the people involved, not the technology. There has never been a catch-all solution and there never will be. Instead, I would recommend that we put our energies into figuring out how to prevent this type of behavior in the first place. I understand the need to stop crime, but why must we be so focused on reactive actions. I would opt for a study into how to make things better for people so that crime isn’t an option. For instance, guaranteed income. The money saved on prosecution of criminals who commit petty larceny because they have no chance at an income would be worth it. Not to mention the security so many people would have from such a thing.

A guaranteed income would not only provide people with stability, it would give them the option to opt out of working. I am a strong believer in absolute freedom. The ability to just live, even if all you do is sit in the same spot should be a right. I strongly disagree with the fact that most people would choose not to work. It would, however, give people the ability to just be. How many times have you come across someone in a professional setting that just doesn’t need to be there. If a person wants to sit around all day, they should have the freedom to do so. There’s no land to till, there’s no livestock to tend, and there aren’t any gardens to cultivate. The unnatural society we’ve created is failing miserably. People care very little for things around them anymore. The longing to get back to a natural way of life is so strong it can be felt now. These things cannot stay in the darkness forever. I don’t understand why people get so mad at someone who doesn’t work. What’s it got to do with them? Personally, I enjoy working. I LOVE IT. It’s one of the finer things in life to accomplish a goal especially when the customer believes their computer is all but lost, and I bring it back just like new, it’s such a great feeling. I love to clean computers, inspect the board, all of it. The challenge of coming across a problem and being unable to solve it, then working it until I am able to solve it. Becoming completely aware of the system and all of it’s working parts. I don’t think that if you are unable to work or even unwilling that you should be put out though. This leads to all sorts of darkness, the kind that comes out during the day.

It’s no wonder that for some people the nightlife is also something they look to as a liberator from the oppression of the daily grind. Some of us like to go out to at night to escape the day. We put on a new face and live a new life. Letting our true selves come out. For others, we don a mask. We pretend to be someone or something we admire or are inquisitive of. The night time is a chance for the alter egos to play.

Whatever your views are just try to remember one thing. The night is neither good nor bad, it’s just a time and/or a place.

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